•  Do I have to be a member to shoot at Train 2 Defend Indoor Range & Training Facility?      NO

 We are open to the public on both a daily or monthly basis with annual memberships available.

  • I have no experience using a firearm can I still come and shoot?     YES

You will need some training before we allow you to use the firing line on your own. Our NRA certified instructors can help you gain the knowledge & experience necessary to safely use your firearm. Please call the range any time to discuss your firearm training options.

  •  I am taking the NC Conceal Carry Class do I need shooting experience?     YES

As part of the NC Conceal Carry Class you will have to demonstrate your ability to safely operate your firearm. You will also need to be able to score a 80% or better on the shooting test.

  • If I am just coming to shoot for the day do I have to buy your ammo?      NO

If you are not a member with an annual membership that allows outside ammo you would need to either purchase ammo from the range or pay the $10 ammo insurance surcharge to shoot your ammo.

  • Do you offer firearms training classes to the public like you offer to your members?      YES

The firearms instructors at Train 2 Defend have developed firearm training programs that are offered to both members and the general public.

  • Do you allow rifles & shotguns at the range?      YES

You can shoot shotguns as long as you are shooting buckshot or bird shot. Rifles can not be a bottle necked cartridge such as 5.56, 30.06, .270 and can not be greater than .44 magnum in caliber.

  • Can I bring my children with me to the range to shoot?      YES

Children between the ages of 8-21 can come with you to shoot. If you are not the parent you will need to bring a signed letter from the parent stating that they are allowing their child to come shoot at the range with you.

  • We have a large group of people that want to come to the range is that ok?      YES 

We welcome business groups, church groups and just groups of friends that are interested in firearms training or just shoot at the range. If you have more than four people in your group you will need to call ahead to make arrangements to insure that we can get your group onto the firing line.

  • I was convicted of a felony a long time ago can I still come shoot at your range?      NO

Train 2 Defend will not allow anyone convicted of a felony or a crime of domestic violence to be granted access to any rental firearms or the range. Train 2 Defend reserves the right to refuse re access to anyone for any reason.

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